The project

The proposal includes ground-mounted solar photovoltaic farm, associated landscaping, infrastructure and access works, located within the existing landscape of stone walls, hedgerows and woodland.

Site was selected following an extensive feasibility study and rigorous site assessment process including grid availability, landscape, heritage, and ecological assessments.

Construction is expected to take 6 months.

36.6 MW
of combined generating capacity

Estimated annual generation
35000 MWh

Equals the yearly consumption of
10000 households

15000 tons of CO2
avoided annually
(compared to existing National Grid mix)

Our presence in the UK

Glyntaff Solar

The site is ideally located for access to the local electricity grid network, being only 3km from the nearest substation at Upper Boat, Treforest.

Electricity generated will enter the National Grid transmission network and be transported across Wales.

Who we are

We are a global player in the field of renewable energy.

We develop, design, build and manage plants that generate clean energy.

We also provide highly specialized energy management and downstream services to both energy producers and consumers and use our know-how to manage third-party assets from a technical and administrative perspective.

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At Renantis, sustainability is not just producing and enabling the use of sustainable energy, but also creating shared value for all our stakeholders by safeguarding the environment in which we operate.

Sustainability permeates all our decisions and business systems, guiding our strategy and activities and representing a fundamental part of our identity.

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