Sustainability drives everything we do

We operate a distinctive business model which combines economic sustainability with the generation of social and environmental value, and we are constantly striving for innovative ways to deliver our services.

We see ourselves as key to enabling not only our own goals but also those of our stakeholders.

With a business based on our solid and transparent industrial, ethical and social principles we make a tangible contribution to global and local sustainable development which is outlined in our Sustainability Report 2022.


Net benefit for biodiversity

Opportunity to keep the land pesticide and chemical free – enables species to thrive and improves soil quality.

Compared to intensive farming practices, a solar farm brings multi-functional benefits of energy production alongside net environmental gain for habitats and species.

With substantial new planting and ecological connectivity, the project would achieve a net benefit for biodiversity through:

  • Enhancing habitat corridors
  • Greater foraging opportunities
  • Encouraging pollinators

Project benefits

Renantis’ commitment is to provide added value in the communities where it installs its projects with the implementation of programs focused on local sustainable development, through various economic, social, cultural, training and environmental measures.

The wider benefits of the proposed development proposed are:

Local targets

Assisting Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council (RCTCBC) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with local, national and international targets and the declared Climate Emergency.

UK targets

Making an important contribution to achieving legally binding national net zero by 2050 targets.

Energy security

Contribute towards the security of energy supply in RCT and Wales, through the provision of a locally produced, low cost, renewable energy supply.

Farmer benefits

Although it is likely that some sheep grazing will continue on the land, the wider project provides an opportunity for local farmers to diversify their operations and ensure the long-term viability of their farm.

Shared ownership

Potential opportunities for shared ownership, ensuring the communities hosting the project retain benefit from local energy generation.

Community benefits

We believe that the community closest to a solar farm should benefit from it and is best placed to say what the community benefit should be.

Whether that’s through funding for the communities surrounding our energy plants, community ownership of our projects or ensuring that we build and maintain our developments with support from local workers and suppliers.

To date, we have provided £1.37M through community benefit schemes in the UK, Sweden, Norway, France and Spain, supporting over 40 communities.

We are running this community consultation to open a discussing with the community as to what those benefits might look like, including the potential for shared ownership.

If you have an idea for a sustainable community-based scheme or project, then please do let us know by getting in contact with us via the form at the bottom of this page.

Sustainability Charter

Our contribution to local sustainable development is well expressed in our Sustainability Charter, which is the guide where we formally set out our commitments.


We promote the economic participation of local communities by providing the opportunity to invest in our plants through local cooperative schemes


We support social, education, environmental or infrastructure initiatives in local communities through our community benefit schemes and encourage the sharing of best practice


We support the creation of skills, competence and knowledge sharing in relation to energy sustainability through training projects and educational initiatives


We minimize the impact of our activities on the environment in the areas where we operate


We encourage the use of local workforces and short supply chains, benefitting local economies and the environment